The France Coffee Championships are organized by the French section of the Specialty Coffee Association, whose vocation is to improve the training of professionals and to raise awareness among the general public of the finer aspects of coffee drinking.

Organized each year by a team of passionate volunteers, and open only to professionals in the sector, the French coffee championships have six categories. In 2019, one of them will be held for the first time at the Café! Festival & Expo.


The Roasting test assesses participants’ knowledge of different varieties and origins of coffee, and their ability to reveal the best aromas and flavours. The participants are asked to rate five green coffees based on several criteria, such as grain quality or moisture content, and then develop a good roasting profile for each. A tasting session allows the judges to decide between them.

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The heats of the France Coffee Championships are held in public and accompanied by music throughout the duration of the festival. As official qualifiers for the World Championships, these competition rounds promise to be full of aromatic suspense!